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100 Capsules $89.95
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Just Discovered To Treat A Long List
Of Big Problems

What it Does

  • Speeds Up Circulation
  • Increases Metabolism
  • The Faster the Blood
    Circulates The Less 'It'
    Can Attach to the Organs
    IE: Plaque to the Brain
  • Speeds up Digestion
  • Cold Feet and Hands
  • Teeth, Hair, Nails
  • Effective in Days

What it Treats (Off Label)

  • M. Chimaera (Superbug)
  • Unwanted Weight Loss (Wasting)
  • Malabsorption Slow Metabolism
  • Speeds Urine and Bowel Movements
  • Certain Soft Tissue Pains
  • Frost Bite - All Limbs
  • Lymph Edema & Elephantitus (Leg Swelling)
  • Possible Alzheimers, Parkinsons, MS Treatment

"When All Else Fails Try the Lily"